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Scientific discovery on the way to validation

More than 26 years ago, a young university student was concerned with the search for a concept that represented the absolute truth of time, from the earliest civilizations to the present day, given the incompatibility of the relative truths of humanity through everything lived. Finally the constant was found, now represented in the binary system through its two digits 0 and 1 reflecting two possible states, off or on, open or closed, used as a functional support in digital technology. This system is linked to the oldest civilizations as reflected by the empire of IFE in Nigeria, the ancient Egyptian civilization and according to research the possible starting point in the periods of the first Chinese dynasty. This concept preserved over time, allowed to establish a strategy of scientific research, which related the why of these two states, in other words, discover What was behind these conditions? It was a long journey, years of analysis, comparisons, calculations and when tiredness began to weigh down, there are natural properties and laws that define the formation of any existence in the whole universe. Likewise, it was possible to specify the space-time principles established in any creation process. In other words, everything created within the universe is made up of properties with the binding of certain natural laws according to very precise principles of space time. This advance is a novelty for science, but in particular with this discovery, it is possible to visualize for the first time the design of formation of any existence and in this way we can determine the following characteristics:
  • Defines the functionality for which a given existence was created.
  • Defines the linking or interrelation of each creation with its field of existence and its participants.
  • Define how far it reaches and what is the potential for existence of each creation.