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Limtox in the immune system

By Dr. Jorge Vargas

Doctor of 

The immune system is responsible for acting in the face of the loss of homeostasis by both infectious and chronic inflammatory processes. Normally the immune system is able to resolve a cell damage caused by microorganisms or antigens, however, when there is a chronic disease the cellular involvement becomes progressive and because the immune system is in constant activity fails to distinguish between the outside and the body itself, so the same immune response damages the cell.

Within chronic diseases there are factors or conditions that directly influence the progression of the disease, including oxidative stress and the formation of oxygen-free radicals, these substances participate in the progression of diseases such as diabetes, arterial hypertension, rheumatic diseases, diseases of immune origin and even in cancer.

There is a group of diseases resulting from the inappropriate behavior of the immune system that occur due to structural or functional alterations, these are characterized by susceptibility to unusual infections, there is an increased risk of developing tumors and autoimmune diseases. Therefore, a decrease in the number or function of any of the cells or proteins increases the patient’s susceptibility to infection, and an exaggerated function of the defense system can cause significant injuries through various mechanisms and cause a disease.


There are treatments such as immunotherapy with which favorable results have been obtained, however, many of these advanced or rapidly progressive diseases do not achieve a positive result, associated with these high costs, as well as the long-term use of the treatment does not allow adherence to the treatment because many patients are dislike from such therapies.

Limtox in the immune system

Biomolecular therapy regulates and increases the immune response strength in patients with chronic diseases. Limtox is a bioregulator par excellence that participates in the various cellular reactions, has the characteristic of modular, repair, regenerate and restore reactions at the cellular level where the state of oxidative stress and the formation of oxygen-free radicals.

Limtox acts in the early stage of the disease so its use is also recommended as a preventive. Limtox acts as an immunomodulator, thus stimulating cell function, also acts on the carcinogenesis of different types of cancers, in a way that reduces the progression of the disease.