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Pharmalat Corporation , through its research department, I b> M P harma, has created the line WELLING, specifically for NUTRIR different systems of our organism, elaborated with amino acids, minerals and vitamins, especially conjugated with flavonoids which are necessary elements to eliminate the different blocks, interruptions, regeneration of enzymatic processes and that additionally “nourish” the different systems and organs that we need to get better. The research department takes a first step in this line (Welfare) with the launch of Cevilat, which contains flavonoids that counteract inflammation and blocking intracellular transport, thus facilitating the passage to other nutrients such as magnesium and zinc, who will perform its function of electron transport, enzymatic potentiation and improving the connections, to be complemented with the work of vitamin C, favoring the immune system and the antioxidant processes. Since the beginning of PHARMALAT in the Central American regional market, quality alternatives for the treatment of traditional dermatological pathologies have been provided, with both topical and systemic presentations for the treatment of different mycoses. As PHARMALAT Corporation’s vision evolved, along with its President and founder, towards a turning point in which the challenge for the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century is to demystify the origins of some pathologies that for millennia have afflicted to our humanity, and where the etiology of these affections, even to date, have remained hidden and unresolved for the investigating entities, of countries even of the first world. Some of these pathologies are part of the self-imposed challenge for the research arm of the Corporation, BioMolecular Pharma Innovation, to seek the cause and bring relief and response to such mysterious and unforgiving diseases as PSORIASIS, VITILIGO and ALOPECIAS, to put some examples. The unifying characteristic of the three pathologies mentioned above is the social and cultural stigma that engages the affected people, developing in them a very strong psycho-emotional burden. Situation by which the dermatological line of BioMolecular Pharma Innovation, takes them as a point of departure and objective to unravel them from their intricate origin and give back to their thousands of victims the dignity lost for millennia . Pharmalat Laboratories has worked for many years to discover a drug that can be combined with current therapies or used as the only therapy with amazing results , which will become a light of hope for the world of health, since it is possible to improve its current effectiveness ratio of 68% to 93%. Pharmalat is only months away from increasing its effectiveness to 84.6% approaching the maximum percentage of cure, since the remaining 7% is of genetic origin, where science still has to work. Oconex® is registered as an adjuvant supplement based on flavonoids, amino acids and minerals. It is not invasive, nor does it contravene any of the traditional therapies, but helps them to increase their effectiveness by eliminating or drastically reducing the severe side effects they cause. Little by little, step by step; the medical community is using Oconex® and Limtox® as adjuvant in the treatment of cancer, proving satisfactory results. The first of them as adjunctive treatment in cancer therapies and the second, Limtox® as a preventive in chronic and degenerative diseases. At Pharmalat we are doing a scientific investigation completely separate from the canons that have been followed to develop a drug, based mainly on clinical evidence and hence the success of the results obtained.