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David and his fight against testicular cancer

“… The difference was really brutal … with the OCONEX® I got so many things better that even I made live streaming on Facebook talking to my friends and making songs, I had my energy back…”

David Vela tells the story of how he discovered that something strange was happening in his right testicle. He relates that he felt a strong sting and his right testicle was of an abnormal size. David is very confident with his mother and immediately tells him what he has discovered.

He passed his first chemotherapy without OCONEX® and said that it was his youth, optimism and the fact that it was the first chemotherapy that helped him endure it in this way, however was lacking of energy, he had much nausea and lack of appetite. “I just wanted to sleep to escape reality and I did not feel like doing anything.” After the second chemotherapy, with the help of OCONEX®, he was able to withstand the heavy symptoms of chemotherapy.

David says that when he was taking OCONEX® his energy returned, his appetite returned and he felt much better in general, even the doctors were surprised to see the progress of his recovery.

Now David feels happy about his recovery, grateful for the results of OCONEX® and says that this experience has helped him to grow as a person and see life from a different perspective.

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