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Manolo Cotero and his fight against a grade 7 adenocarcinoma

“… I want people to know about this product [OCONEX®] so that no one have that disease anymore …”

These are the words of joy and gratitude that Manolo Cotero has; He also thanks God and the pharmalat team for their work in the development of OCONEX® “… the Lord allowed a team of scientists to develop this medicine [OCONEX®] and make it available to everyone …”

Manolo Cotero, a man of faith begins to suspect that something strange was happening in his body until 2014, when they discovered that he has a Group III grade adenocarcinoma (Gleason Score 4 + 3 = 7) in the prostate, as well as a bone metastasis in the left lower rib.

As a man of faith, Manolo sought a divine response and in this process he took action and looked where and how to find healing and that was when a person recommended OCONEX®.

On May 26, 2015 he starts taking OCONEX®