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Diabetes and related diseases

Diabetes affects all countries in the world, therefore, if effective management and prevention programs are not available, the rates of patients with this disease will continue to rise. The causes for which diabetes develops are due to aging of the population, sedentary lifestyle, obesity and changes in lifestyle. Diabetes is more than a simple data of a glycemic value, as such is the highest cause of stroke, loss of vision, (diabetic retinopathy), myocardial infarction, chronic renal failure and diabetic neuropathy. The Pharmalat Corporation, concerned and committed to improving the quality of life of diabetic patients, created BioMolecular Innovation Pharma, which has a continuous research team that has developed the line called “Eradicate Diabetes”, which is focused on products for the prevention of this disease, restoring the affected areas, so its designs are aimed at:
  1. Detoxification of the pancreas, through cellular cleaning processes with “specialized” molecules
  2. Regulation of the adequate assimilation of sugar with specific functional molecules aimed at the cellular restoration at the pancreatic level.
  3. Decrease of the mortality caused by this disease with the projection of contributing to the eradication of this disease and the diseases caused by it, as mentioned in the previous paragraph.
According to the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 2014, the global prevalence of people with diabetes was 387 million people and an increase of more than 205 million is expected for the year 2035 (1). Our products will revolutionize the treatment through “the restoration of affected functions”. Very soon you will have the opportunity to have this new line that is more than the adjuvant to which we are accustomed. LICDA. ELIZABETH BELTRÁN. Line Manager Blood Glucose Diseases [:]