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Anabeth Escobar and her fight against Follicular lymphoma

“In September [year 2016] I was diagnosed for the second time.”

These are the words of Anabeth Escobar when she begins to tell the story of how she managed to fight against follicular lymphoma for the second time.

In 2013 Anabeth was diagnosed with grade 3 follicular lymphoma, she underwent a total of 8 chemotherapies and 46 radiotherapies. “… Within the 8 chemotherapies you can already imagine all the pain, the symptoms, the vomiting, headache, body ache, bones ache, hair loss…” A very difficult moment for Anabeth’s life which managed to leave.

By September 2016 Anabeth receives the harsh news that cancer has returned to her life, but she is grateful to have been taking OCONEX®.

Anabeth started taking OCONEX® without knowing that she was going to have to fight the cancer a second time, “… I started taking it, I said, «well, I also have to collaborate with my body, they tell me that it’s good then let’s try…»”

This time only 6 chemotherapies were needed in conjunction with OCONEX® to overcome this difficult stage in their life. The only difference between the first and second fight is that she had been taking OCONEX® for a while. After each chemotherapy Anabeth felt much better, compared to having to go through the process without the help of OCONEX®. “The two medications together, both OCONEX® and chemotherapy, were the ones that got me through,” concludes Anabeth.