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Good news for cancer patients

Being told you have cancer is devastating, not only for the one who suffers but also for their families. This is because when diagnosed, the picture becomes totally uncertain and insecure, both emotionally, and economically. Many people are literally “on the street”, how their savings and assets disappear to take conventional treatments, of which there are very few cases where satisfactory results are obtained. For most it is a death sentence in the short term and last but not least, is accompanied by physical and emotional suffering. While it is true, we all have to die one day, nobody wants to die leaving his unfinished mission or leave their loved ones. Then the rejection arises, Why me?, Why us? In addition to the psychological and emotional harm, the spiritual area becomes very vulnerable and faith can be broken. It has been said of habit, with importance and resignation, to suffer such a cruel disease like cancer is part of fate or bad luck. This is false, do not accept. No one is free of cancer, but there are options. It is estimated that in Central America, 70% of cases traditionally treated, die; and 30% survive, the latter, most with a poor quality of life. According to WHO at the world in 2012, 8.2 million people died due to cancer, prevailing breast cancer and cervical cancer, followed by lung, liver, stomach, colon and esophagus. It is expected that by the year 2022, reaching a figure of 22 million deaths. This is extremely alarming, indicating that something is not being done well or traditional therapies are not solving the problem and eradicate it away, every year more and worsens dramatically increases the number of new cases. So you have to look for other options. Based on the above information and knowing that the world had not discovered any medication for this disease, Pharmalat Laboratories, he worked for many years to discover a drug that can be combined with current therapies or used as a single therapy with surprising results, which will become a beacon of hope for the world of health, since it is possible to improve the current effectiveness percentage is 68% to 93%. Pharmalat is a few months up to 84.6% effectiveness approaching the maximum cure rate, and the remaining 7% is genetic, where science has yet to work. Oconex is registered as an adjuvant supplement based on flavonoids, amino acids and minerals. It is not invasive, nor contravenes any of the traditional therapies, but helps these increase their effectiveness while eliminating or drastically reducing the severe side effects they cause. Slowly, step by step; the medical community is using Oconex and Limtox as a cancer treatment, demonstrating satisfactory results, the first one as adjunctive therapy in cancer therapies and the second Limtox as prevention of chronic and incurable diseases. In Pharmalat we are making a totally separate from the royalties that have been followed to discover a drug and hence the success of scientific research results. “It’s crazy to want to get different results, if we keep doing the same …” (Albert Einstein). Guillermo Castro Line manager Oncológica Innovation BioMolecular Pharma A division of Pharmalat , SA

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