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Regenerator and natural antioxidant.

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Limtox is a mix of flavanoids that protect plants in the same way and exercises the same function in the human organism preventing oxidation and free radicals provoked by oxidative damage, responsable for the majority of disease especially the chronic, degenerative and autoimmune. Limtox is an excellent preventative and cell detoxifier that avoids proliferation of free radicals keeping the body free of toxins of any origin. It is recommended to take 2 packets of Limtox per day every 12 hours for 1 to 3 months to maintain a healthy life free of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, arterial hypertension, etc. LIMTOX exercises an excellent repairing and restoring function of chemical cell balance at five levels: 1. Oxidative stress: Eliminating free radicals and protecting the cell from damage caused. 2. Cellular: Protect healthy cells and balancing sick cells selectively. 3. Neuronal: Elevates the production of energy, improving communication between one neuron and another. 4. Immune system: Protects the organism from toxins strengthening and repairing at an immunological level. 5. Vasoprotector and dilator: Improves circulation. giving veins and arteries elasticity




Box with  60 envelopes containded 3gr. Each


Each envelope 3g contains: Microencapsulated Ascorbic Acid 300 mg Gilcoprotein 100 mg Proteoglycan 50 mg Flavonoid conjugate (betalaine, fisetin, muricatenol, ellagic acid) 400 mg Excipients c.s. 3 g


Adults: 1 out of every 12 hours. Children under 7 years and patients with renal failure: 1/2 on every 12 hours. Dissolve the corresponding dose in a glass with water, half an hour or an hour before or after any meal. TREATMENT DURATION: From 1 to 3 months. If during the treatment there is a bad odor in the stool, it is due to the expulsion of toxins, so it is advisable to continue with the treatment for 2 or 3 more months. Repeat the treatment every 3 years.


In patients who have survived cancer and in patients with a family history of cancer, it is recommended to repeat the treatment every year. Note: betalaine is extracted from two sources; the beet and the tuna opuntia, both are equally effective but the color and flavor may vary.


Chronic renal failure, pregnancy and lactation.

Diseases or symptoms:

Reconstructive, detoxification, care, health.


Cell detoxification supplement.

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