CIM (Center for Medical Innovation)

The Center for Medical Innovation (CIM) is made up of a group of medical specialists who provide services to patients with cancer and other chronic diseases, supporting and seeking effective solutions to improve the quality of life of each person, while working in the innovation of clinics, products and services.


  • Specialist doctors
  • High quality drugs
  • Effective Solutions
  • Clinics of excellence


Our Mission is to provide people and their families with comprehensive and quality health care that contributes to their well-being, respecting their dignity and inspired by our good principles, by teams of great human quality and professional and academic excellence.


To be the leading health network in Central America in the clinical practice of excellence and in the development of knowledge for the care of the person, based on the ethical and moral values that our society needs, in collaboration with other national institutions.

Our values

Respect the person, recognition and commitment to the value of diversity of ideas and points of view of employees, patients and their families. Special concern for those who are in a state of vulnerability.

Integrity: Consider the continuous search for truthfulness, congruence, authenticity and acting with equity.

Responsibility: It contemplates a prudent and fair use of the available talents and resources, in a collaborative work and committed to deliver the best possible service in a timely manner with a friendly, respectful and personalized treatment.

Solidarity: Consider the delivery of care with love, empathy and concern for the pains and needs of the patient; recognizes the dignity of every person and in particular of the most vulnerable, given their defenselessness.