Pharmalat is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1992, dedicated to the research and manufacture of high quality medicines, with distribution at national, Central American and Caribbean levels. It is considered one of the top ten pharmaceutical companies in Latin America, preferring consumers because of its high standards of quality, innovation and service.


Develop and commercialize cutting-edge pharmaceutical and food products to meet the health needs of our population.


To be a model of pharmaceutical company, to expand to new countries and markets implementing quality systems supported by the talent of our collaborators to contribute to improve the quality of life of the population.


Biomolecular Pharma Innovation

Biomolecular Pharma Innovation since its foundation in 2013, has been closely linked to the science, technology and innovation capacity of the human being. Through its existence, it has faced the challenge of growth with a spirit of struggle and perseverance, considering that the future offers innumerable possibilities by having a highly trained team and an image that is already a reality in the industry. At the beginning of its activities, the team dedicated its efforts to the development of the pharmaceutical specialties through which it would be launched to the market and made known to the Medical Corps. With the authorization of the Ministry of Public Health, the first products were launched into the pharmaceutical market under the strict supervision of the Quality Control Department.


In 2007, the Pharmaceuticals line Winzzer Medical Corporation, a strategy implemented by the executives of the Pharmalat Corporation, began with products such as Pantosek, Ceftriazzer, Dualdol and Gesimax, covering the national territory. To date they have 23 products in different presentations and with presence in the market of Guatemala and Nicaragua, expanding its presence in the market and obtaining the growth of its collaborators.

PS Pharma

Pharmaceutical is a Guatemalan company dedicated to the distribution of generic pharmaceuticals for the care of human health, destined mainly to the institutional market, both public and private. Through rigorous procedures of elaboration and control of international standards of quality. We emphasize the obtaining of medicinal products of high quality.

Pharma Natura

Division eminently oriented to preventive health as nutrition; seeks to provide the medical community and consumers with the best products for their care. Pharma Natura’s vision is to achieve leadership in health care through state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art food products and services for the medical community.

CIM (Center for Medical Innovation)

The Medical Innovation Center (CIM) is made up of a group of medical specialists who provide services to patients with cancer and other chronic diseases, supporting and seeking effective solutions to improve the quality of life of each person, while working at innovation of clinics, products and services.


At Pharmalat we are committed to providing medicines and food by:

  • The effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Compliance with the corresponding quality specifications, laws and regulations through the continuous improvement of our processes.



Our products are the most successful that are manufactured. They are sold in the private sector (pharmacies, clinics and hospitals) and in the institutional sector. After several years of difficulties due to the political and economic situation in Guatemala, Pharmalat started an aggressive marketing of its products accompanied by a significant increase in the number of medicines it manufactures.

Sales and distribution operations are started in our brother country El Salvador, as a society and later took on the figure of Pharmalat Drugstore. To date it has 15 medical visitors for commercial distribution throughout the Republic. At present it has more than 60 products in different presentations


Pharmalat acquires a land of 20 hectares, of which 4 are enabled to build the civil infrastructure of approximately 3,500 square meters. In this area are distributed the necessary facilities for the manufacture of pharmaceutical forms of solids, liquids, powders for oral suspension, in addition to creams and ointments and the areas of Quality Control, Storage, Administration, Auxiliary Services and other inherent facilities are enabled to the operation.


Nicaragua joins the distribution network of Pharmalat products. In November 2002, administrative personnel were hired and a property was purchased at Residencial Bolonia, where its offices and warehouses would be located. The strategy that Pharmalat has used in the Nicaraguan market has positioned it as one of the best suppliers of drugs. During the last years the increase in sales has met the desired expectations.

Belize starts operations, having a Medical Visitor and a person for the administrative support and logistics of Pharmalat Guatemala, thus introducing our product line in that area. Pharmalat has grown steadily over more than two decades, contributing to the economic and social development of our country through the generation of direct and indirect jobs, support to schools, health centers, foundations and various associations, the Central American community, effective, safe, accessible and high-quality pharmaceutical products for the care of human health.


Pharmalat determines, provides and maintains infrastructure and equipment, relying on information technology to safeguard data capture, traceability and application of continuous improvement and thus provide a quality service to our customers.

Pharmalat ensures the design of the facilities, in order to avoid and reduce the risk of cross-contamination, which facilitates cleanliness and order in the work areas, thus enabling preventive maintenance on both equipment and the infrastructure.

In Pharmalat the maintenance of facilities and equipment is carried out by means of the procedures established for this work.







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