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One of the pillars of innovation in Pharmalat Laboratories is scientific research. For this reason, it has integrated a team of high performance professionals, specialists in different areas of knowledge and with vast experience, but above all committed to the vision of improving people’s lives through health. Led by the area director, Lic. Juan Carlos Pérez, they dedicate all their efforts day by day to find new ways to prevent and eradicate chronic degenerative diseases. In every medicine or supplement that you consume from Laboratorios Pharmalat, there is a lot of time and dedication that guarantees a quality contribution to your health. Héctor Humberto Paredes Pensamiento President and Director of Biomolecular Innovation Pharmalat Training and Experience: Bachelor in Business Administration graduated from the AIU, Atlantic International University with the recognition of the best thesis of his promotion. He founded and expanded Laboratorios Pharmalat S.A. venturing into the Central American market. In October of the year 2005 he was nominated by the Association of Managers of Guatemala as Best Manager of the Year, in the expansion and growth category, for his efforts in Pharmalat S.A. He has been honored with diplomas and letters of recognition by humanitarian entities of recognized prestige and honorability, private and NGO’s for the support and participation of Pharmalat in campaigns and free medical days against malnutrition and deworming for the Guatemalan population. In 2008, he founded Innovación Biomolecular Pharma, and initiated scientific research, forming a multidisciplinary team of professionals committed to finding therapeutic solutions to treat chronic diseases that until today have not been effectively treated, entering biomolecular medicine research in several branches, but with emphasis in three of them: cancer of any etiology, metabolic diseases especially diabetes mellitus type 2 and diseases of the central nervous system, mainly those that affect the brain. In addition to other endothelial diseases, obesity, vitiligo, psoriasis, and osteoporosis, topics on which the research is already in the stage of conclusion of the study. To date they have had encouraging results in their research that seek to reverse cancer processes and prevent them. Already 30 cases of cancer are reflected that have reversed the process of malignancy. Juan Carlos Pérez Velázquez Scientific Director biomolecular department Pharmalat Training and experience: Degree in physical culture. University professor and member of scientific institutions. Research and development in quantum physics. Research and development of treatments of chronic degenerative diseases. Research and development of xl genetic control system, quantum DNA and “genetic vibration”. Degree in physical culture. Jacobo Enrique Aguilar Mansilla Medical Director Innovation BioMolecular Pharma Doctor and Surgeon graduated from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. Magister Scientiae in internal and family medicine, Francisco Marroquín University. Subspecialty in chemical dependencies, codependence and behavior modification. Mount Sinai Hospital, United States. Studies in phytotherapy and medicinal properties of plants in Mesoamerica. Ayurvedic and integrative medicine and biomolecular medicine. Member of the American Association of Addictions. Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Francisco Marroquín University. National and international speaker in areas of ethical medicine, addictions and biomolecular medicine. Member of the hospital care network of Guatemala. Mayda Azucena López Barillas Research and innovation in basic biomolecular platform. Training and experience: Doctor and Surgeon graduated from CUNOC, University of San Carlos de Guatemala. Post-graduate in community care in the person with diabetes. Post-graduate in molecular biology and genetics. Diploma in care focused on the person with dementia (Inger). Diploma in cardio geriatrics (Inger). Diploma in nutrition (culmen). Master in administration of clinics and hospitals. Currently master’s degree in geriatrics and gerontology. Olga Calderón Solís Scientific research of chronic diseases. Training and experience: Chemistry Biologist graduated from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. Master of Science from the Galileo University. Research and development in biochemistry. Research and development in medicines. Marlyn Lorena García Pineda Research and development in foods of the future. Training and Experience: Bachelor of nutrition, University of San Carlos de Guatemala. Food Safety ISO 22000, University of San Carlos de Guatemala. Regulation of general and nutritional labeling. Meat technology, INTECAP. Food technology, University of San Carlos de Guatemala. Exhibition of innovative product in the Ibero-American nutrition congress. Currently master in administration and marketing. Sergio Domingo Ortiz Martínez Research and development in foods of the future. Training and Experience: Bachelor in chemistry graduated from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. Specialization in synthesis and analysis of organic compounds from the Universidad Rodrigo Facio and Universidad Autónoma de México. Specialization in extraction, isolation and elucidation of chemical structures in natural processes with pharmacological activity of the University of San Carlos of Guatemala and the Autonomous University of Mexico. Specialization in design, supervision, assembly and operation of natural products extraction plants. Professor of organic chemistry at the San Carlos University of Guatemala and the University of the Valley of Guatemala. Director of the chemical school, head of the department of organic chemistry at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala. Head of the national laboratory in the Ministry of Health and Public Social Assistance. Maritza Haydee Moreno Batres Quality Managment Training and experience: Degree in Biological Chemistry from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. Diploma in Integral Care for HIV patients. Department of Internal Medicine. Roosevelt Hospital. Internal Audit Workshop. Guatemalan Accreditation Office. Guatemalan Delegate. National Model United Nation -NMUN-. New York Currently Master in Blood Bank and Transfusion Medicine of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. María Eugenia Batsche de Ortiz Research and Development Biomolecular diseases and oxidative stress. Training and experience: Degree in Biological Chemistry from the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. Postgraduate in Molecular Biology and Genetics. Courses in: Diabetes- a Global Challenge. University of Copenhagen. Introduction to the Science of Cancer. University Ohio State University. Epigenetic Control of Gene Expression. University of Melbourne. Licenciada Leonora Lima Torón, Química Bióloga Graduated from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala Training and experience: Work in: The assembly of the Quality Control Laboratory and the implementation of the Quality System of Ambev Central America, Head of the Clinical Laboratory of the Maternal and Child Hospital of Ixcán, Application Specialist for Central America and the Caribbean with Becton Dickinson. Currently belongs to the group of Investigators of Researchers of Innovation Biomolecular Pharma.[:]

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