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Detoxification or Purification

The first step in the prevention or treatment of any disease. It is an undeniable fact that integrative medicine has existed since the very existence of man, as humans have always sought the answer to health issues in nature itself. Never before, as in recent years, had integrative medicine received so much recognition and dissemination. In essence, integrative medicine focuses on the individual rather than the disease itself. In treating the person holistically, integrative medicine seeks to treat the causes of the disease –not the effects or symptoms–  considering the fact that when we focus on the latter, the benefits are ephemeral, palliative and of limited scope. Humans are exposed to certain conditions that fill the body with toxins. We often don’t realize it because the poisoning is gradual, until it manifests itself through symptoms. When a person suffers an imbalance in the immune system, toxins contribute to generate a disease, resulting in symptoms or a physical or mental illness. Symptoms or illnesses are visible physical signs of an invisible internal process. The symptom is not a monster to be eliminated, rather, it is the activation of an alarm system indicating that a number of intruders have entered the body to create damage.  It is critical to pay attention to these signs before the damage is irreversible. Therefore, we must treat the cause, not the effect. In the same way, there is no need to eliminate a fever. Instead, it is necessary to control it while looking for its underlying cause. A fever helps the healing process by causing the metabolism of the whole body to intensify in such a way that it burns toxins, viruses or bacteria that disturb the internal environment. Health experts agree the steps to cure any disease should include:
  1. Detoxification
  2. Treatment
  3. Changes in the patient’s habits.
This is the process you must follow. It would be useless, for example, to treat a patient’s cough if the patient continues smoking. The first step should include a detox process for all systems: cellular, neuronal, immunological, vascular, etc. A product that achieves purification at these levels becomes a preventive measure against all diseases. Pharmalat has researched and developed Limtox® as an excellent general detoxifier. Pharmalat will soon present this treatment to the medical community, as the best alternative to prevent and cure many diseases by eliminating toxins from the body.

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