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During these 23 years of experience with dedication and effort, Pharmalat has developed a range of its own products, manufactured to offer well-being and health to consumers, since health should be available to everyone. The facilities where the laboratory is located were designed and built to the highest quality standards, including maximizing the standards required worldwide for the pharmaceutical industries. Pharmalat produces solid, semi-solid and liquid medicines, which contain an extensive line of products, vitamins, antibiotics, analgesics, and injectables created for different specialties, which is a fundamental part for the manufacture of products, which represents the quality of raw materials, both components and packaging. Even though Pharmalat takes extreme care in the choice of suppliers, the raw materials are subjected to the strictest quality tests, through an analysis process already established in the HPLC that verifies if the raw materials are suitable for use and meet the established standards. Good manufacturing practices form a fundamental part of Pharmalat’s day-to-day business, with modern sanitation and sanitation systems being a working philosophy of all its collaborators. products are manufactured, filled and packaged by means of automated production systems. As part of the constant concern of quality control in all processes. A documentation system was implemented where a record of all the pertinent information of each lot of control manufactured is kept, thus allowing, to ensure the traceability of its products and therefore to have total control of its quality. A microbiological evaluation is carried out weekly in the production area of ​​the employees’ hands at random from the environment as well as the teams keeping weekly records of this valuable information. A key part of preserving the quality of medicines is the storage system. Medications are protected to prevent degradation. The finished product warehouse complies with the relevant requirements and is subject to control processes. The project was growing and surpassing sales expectations, which was when new facilities were built that adapted to its expansion with the projection to other markets such as El Salvador and then the opening of the market in Nicaragua, Cuba and Belize. The first walls of Pharmalat were built in the municipality of Villa Nueva and the facilities were inaugurated in 2003, which have been adapted to growth and new challenges. It is in this way that the history of “The Pharmalat Family” has been interwoven in these years. Sales strategies and dreams that now involve the welfare of thousands of Central American families.[:]

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