Catalyzing vital energy

We constantly talk about the flow of energy that flows within our body, without knowing in depth what causes it or where it emerges. We know that energy is necessary for cellular functioning, and therefore for each of the organs that make us up as human beings and for their functioning. Pharmalat has created Cevilat , which contains […]

Still feel a theat to HIV /AIDS

Data and numbers HIV continues to be a major global public health problem, having claimed more than 34 million lives so far.In 2014, 1.2 [ 980000-1, 6 ] million people died from HIV worldwide. At the end of 2014, there were 36.9 [1.9-2.2] million people who contracted HIV in 2014. By mid-2015, there were 15.8 million people infected […]

Dermatological line

Since the inception of PHARMALAT in the Central American regional market, quality alternatives were provided for the treatment of traditional dermatological pathologies, with both topical and systematic presentations for the treatment of different fungal diseases. As the vision of the PHARMALAT Corporation evolves, hand in hand with its President and founder, towards a turning point in which, challenge […]

Diabetes and related diseases

Diabetes affects all countries in the world, therefore, if effective management and prevention programs are not available, the rates of patients with this disease will continue to rise. The causes for which diabetes develops are due to aging of the population, sedentary lifestyle, obesity and changes in lifestyle. Diabetes is more than a simple data of […]

Circulatory diseases

Most of our veins contain valves that help the blood to always follow in the same direction, preventing its return, even when it is against the natural course of gravity. For example, the blood in the veins of the legs always runs against gravity; thanks to the valves it manages to climb without stopping its journey. When the […]

The human brain

The human brain is the center of the Nervous System. It is a complex organ that performs a large number of functions in a general way. It can be said that it is responsible for regulating and maintaining the functions of the body, as well as being the organ where the mind and consciousness reside. It is susceptible […]

The difference between SUPPLY and NURTURE THE SYSTEMS

We are all immersed in the new tendencies about “improving our health” and we begin to observe some supplements that we can acquire, many times they are loaded with innumerable vitamins and minerals, with which we are SUPPLYING certain deficiencies that in our daily diet are difficult to acquire due to our rhythm of life […]

What is a doctor?

The day that the University conferred me the title of Doctor of Medicine, I thought I already was. I had discovered my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. And so, with my scientific being full of knowledge with the pretension of omnipotence, I went around the world to practice medicine. Everything was […]


Much has been said about fats, including a good deal of misinformation. But what is true and what is false? Let ‘s start by discussing the need to consume fats. Are they necessary for the body? Fats are a valuable source of energy, providing 9 calories per gram. They infuse flavor and texture to foods and add special nutrients such as fatty acids, which are necessary for the proper […]


Nanotechnology includes the study, design, creation, synthesis, manipulation and application of materials, devices and functional systems through the control of matter and exploitation of its properties and phenomena at nanoscale (atoms and molecules). It received scientific attention around 1953, when Watson and Crick proposed DNA as the cornerstone of the regulation of all chemical processes of living beings, thus highlighting the crucial importance of molecules in the processes of life. DNA has a width of about 2.5 nm. Some proteins such as hemoglobin have […]


Do they really prevent illnesses? Are they effective in treating diseases? Have you ever wondered what it takes for natural compounds to produce aroma, flavor and color in fruits and vegetables? The answer is flavonoids. Popular interest in flavonoids has been increasing due to the growing reputation of their antioxidant properties and associated benefits in disease prevention. The number of google searches related to flavonoids is 2.52 million, […]


The first step in the prevention or treatment of any disease. It is an undeniable fact that integrative medicine has existed since the very existence of man, as humans have always sought the answer to health issues in nature itself. Never before, as in recent years, had integrative medicine received so much recognition and dissemination. In essence, […]

About the company

During these 23 years of experience with dedication and effort, Pharmalat has developed a range of its own products, manufactured to offer well-being and health to consumers, since health should be available to everyone. The facilities where the laboratory is located were designed and built to the highest quality standards, including maximizing the standards required […]


Mission: Develop and commercialize cutting-edge pharmaceutical and food products to meet the health needs of our population. Vision: To be a model of pharmaceutical company, to expand to new countries and markets, implementing quality systems supported by the talent of our collaborators to contribute to improve. Quality policy: At Pharmalat we are committed to providing […]

Good news for cancer patients

Being told you have cancer is devastating, not only for the one who suffers but also for their families. This is because when diagnosed, the picture becomes totally uncertain and insecure, both emotionally, and economically. Many people are literally “on the street”, how their savings and assets disappear to take conventional treatments, of which there […]

Toxins, the silent enemy of your organism.

Humans are exposed to certain conditions that fill the body with toxins. We do not realize it because the poisoning is gradual and gradual until it manifests itself through symptoms. When a person suffers an imbalance in their immune system, the toxins take advantage to become invasive and generating the diseases, which manifest in the […]







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